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Welcome Microsoft Employees

Congratulations on wanting to make your life easier and get more free time!

I specifically cater to the dedicated employees of Microsoft.

Microsoft employees receive a special discount for my Enlightenment Package.  It is a great way to try out my many services. 

 How much stress would you avoid by :

*Having your dry cleaning picked up and delivered to your home

*Your grocery shopping done with the groceries put away

*Homemade meals delievered to your home and ready to eat

*A birthday gift purchased and wrapped ready to deliver to the recipient

*Dinner reservations made for your special occasion

*School supplies puchased and delivered for the first day of school

In addition, how much time would that save you so that you could go out and do the things you really enjoy? 

This package which is normally priced at $300, is available for a limited time to Microsoft employees for a discounted rate of $250.

Call me at 206-251-1792 or click on the link above to schedule your free 30 minute phone consultation to see how I can start making your life easier today!