Improve your drive to work and de-stress

What do you listen to during your daily commute?  Is it your local radio station with your favorite music or the local news?  Would you like to read more and just cannot find the time?  I have a solution to maximizing the time you spend in your car going back and forth to work.

My solution is listening to books on CD.  Now, if you are a person that is easily distracted or has trouble listening and concentrating on driving, I don’t recommend this.  However, if listening to a book while you are driving is easy for you, you might consider it.  I find that it helps me de-stress and moves me into relaxation mode.

While books and CD can be expensive if you buy them, your local library has hundreds of books on CD of all varieties.  No matter what type of books you enjoy reading, the library probably has several that will meet your needs.  Also, with most libraries, you can reserve what books you want online and then pick them up at your convenience when they are ready.

My current favorite books are Blink by Malcolm Gladwell, Infinite Possibilities by Mike Dooley and Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson.  Have you started listening to books in your car?  Have you found that it helps you de-stress?  If so, let me know!

2 thoughts on “Improve your drive to work and de-stress

  1. Kristen says:

    What do you think about podcasts? I have listened to them a little bit, and I wish I had the chance to listen to them more. They are usually pretty quick and a good way to hear some news while you are at it.

  2. Yes, Kristen, I love podcasts and listen to them while I am cleaning the house and walking the dog. It is a great way to multitask and get information while you are doing your chores. The great thing about podcasts is that there is an endless variety of topics and information to choose from. Another plus is that there are a lot of podcasts that are free. Something that I do is download podcasts from non-fiction authors that I am reading to get the most up to date information on what they are doing. They usually provide updated techniques and theories which extends the learning curve. Podcasts add another option for getting information that you can listen to while you are doing something else.

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