How can you help reduce the stress in my life?

Being able to delegate errands and tasks to your personal assistant takes the pressure off of you to get everything done by yourself.  My clients find that their lives are so busy and they fear not having enough time to complete their to-do list.  With my help, they always have someone they can trust to help them get to the tasks done right that would take a lot of time and effort or just does not fit into the amount of time they have in a day.  In addition, they find that the tasks that have been sitting on their to-do list for a long time are perfect to assign to me as they finally get done without them having to do them.

How do I figure out what services are best for me?

You can request an initial free 30 minute phone or in-person consultation to figure out where you need the most help and the services that will fit your individual situation.

Do I receive a discount if I sign up for more than one month at a time?

Yes, clients that sign an agreement of three or more months of services, receive a discount on their monthly package amount.  Once you decide which package fits your needs and lifestyle, the discount will be applied to your account.  

Can I change my services each month?

Yes, you get the convenience of changing your services from month to month to exactly fit your needs.  You are contacted at the end of each month to find out what services you need for the next month.  For example, one month you may need to get the car service as your car needs an oil change and detailing but the next month you need the waiting service for the cable guy to come and install a modem.  Knowing that your life changes from month to month, your services are adjusted to fit your what is specifically going on in your life.

What if I just need you to do one task like organizing the garage or putting together a dinner party and don’t need monthly services?

Individual hourly services are available if that is what fits your needs at an hourly rate of $55 per hour, billed in 15 minute increments.  You can contact me for an estimate of how much time your individual task will take.

What if I want to create my own package with services that are specifically set up for me and my life?

Personalized packages are always available.  We can work together to find the exact fit for your individual needs and budget. 

What is not included in your services?

The service package prices do not include the costs of goods purchased or charges incurred in providing you with the services.  For example groceries, dry cleaning, car service and detail, etc.

What payment methods do you accept?

You may pay with cash, check or credit card through Paypal. 

What made you decide on a point system?

This is to benefit you.  If I get stuck in traffic or if a task takes me longer than anticipated, you don’t pay any more for the service.  You know exactly what services you are getting and how much the services costs so there are no surprises.

How does the main dish meal service work?

You are provided with a menu list of different main dishes and you pick the main dishes that you want. Each meal serves four adults but most clients find that certain meals offer more than four servings and almost all of the dishes prepared are easily frozen to enjoy at your convenience.  The service provides the shopping, cooking and delivery of the meals to you with easy reheat instructions.  Most meals cost under $4.50 a serving so they are homemade and budget conscious.  You will receive a bill with the food costs per meal, per serving.

What if I have special dietary needs or preferences?

Everything is made individually for you so if you have preferences or dietary needs, they are easily accommodated to meet your preferences.  Also offered are organic ingredient meals.

What kind of food do you cook?

There are many options for you to choose from which include meatloaf, beef or pork roast, enchilada casserole and pulled pork or chicken.  In addition, if you have a recipe for your favorite family dish, we can explore if that is something that I can cook for you.

How do you package the main dish meals?

The food is placed in either an oven friendly or reusable plastic containers that can go into your freezer or microwave.  If you use the meal service each month, you can return the reusable containers for future meal service use.  In addition, the meals are packaged to fit your needs.  If there are two people in your family, the meals can be easily divided into servings of two.

How does the grocery shopping and home shopping club services work?

A personalized grocery or home shopping club list is created for you to fill out with the items that you need and want.  I shop, deliver and put away the groceries or items in your home.  You come home and it is all there at your fingertips.

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