Welcome Home!  I’m Michell Thyng, Zen Maker Personal Assistant.  What motivated me to start The Zen Maker was my love of organizing  and getting things done – both for myself and others.  My dream was to own my own business and have a career so I could leave the “job”  that left me feeling unsatisfied.  What I absolutely knew was that I wanted to work with intelligent people who have busy careers and personal lives, realizing that I could help create more peace and balance in their day.  Going the extra mile brings me great satisfaction because high quality service is what I would want if I hired a personal assistant.

After years of working in a job managing over 200 clients, I realized that what I enjoyed  most was the part of the job that involved helping people. That’s when I took an inventory of my talents and strengths and applied them to a few select clients in a more personal way; in their daily lives and homes.  My clients choose me as much as I choose them.

Given that a Personal Assistant is very much personal, you’ll want to know a little about what makes me Michell.  When I’m not playing with our English bulldog Diesel, you’ll find me cooking or spending time with my family and friends.  Since I was young, I’ve been studying tap dancing.  I was always fascinated with how so many sounds could come from two feet.  I am lucky to have found a great dance studio in Seattle and take weekly tap classes.  Giving back is very important to me so I volunteer every Thanksgiving and Christmas season at the Salvation Army.  Nothing makes you more grateful of what you have than by giving to those in need.  I am so grateful for the people and abundance in my life which includes the opportunity to do what I love everyday which means I really don’t work at all.

What my clients appreciate most is my attention to the detail while being able to anticipate their needs. They leave their to-do lists and worries with me and come home to find things done so they can just relax.  My clients love that with my help, they get things done that have been hanging over their heads to be completed for weeks, months or years.

To find out if a Zen Personal Assistant is the right solution for your busy life, email me at michell@thezenmaker.com or by telephone at 206-251-1792. Together, let’s see how your life can be more organized and less stressful.