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Photo Books – The Perfect Gift

Have you ever wanted to give someone special in your life a gift that would really mean something to them for years to come?  My family recently went to New York City and I wanted to put together the photos as a gift.  I chose to do a photo album, but not just any old […]

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TIVO – Your new best friend for saving time

If you watch television at all you probably know that all those commercials add up to a lot of wasted time.  The average half-hour television show is actually only twenty-two minutes long and the average hour show is forty-four minutes long.  That means that for every hour of television you watch, sixteen minutes of it […]

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Why you have to have the right tools

My vacuum and I have had a rocky relationship for over 10 years.  We have had fights, disagreements and flat out assaults.  My vacuum could do 2-5 years if ever brought to trial.  I am also not the only one who doesn’t like it, my dog hates my vacuum and he has always been a […]